The new Savage B.MAG rifle is a completely new compact rimfire bolt-action gun designed specifically for the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum cartridge.  The .17 WSM is a rimfire round that is capable of speeds to an amazing 3,000 fps. Click here for more on this new cartridge .

The Savage B.MAG is an entirely new rifle, not merely a warmed over existing rimfire gun, in the Savage line that offers a lot of features while keeping the suggested retail price to $349.  A cock-on-close action, hidden action screws, a thread-in headspacing system and rear locking lugs are some of the features that have been incorporated into the B.MAG from the more expensive centerfire rifles in the Savage catalog.  Considering the speeds, and therefore pressures, the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum is generating, I am not surprised that this rifle might more resemble a centerfire gun than a rimfire.

The B.MAG comes with the popular AccuTrigger, which is a user-adjustable trigger that Savage uses on most of their rifles above the entry-level, budget guns.  It does not require special tools for adjustment.

Savage B.MAG review

An eight-round, rotary magazine is standard on this rifle.  The magazine is detachable and feeds from the center of the mag.  It should be a relatively simple thing to make a larger capacity magazine, but there are no announced plans to do so.  An extended magazine might be of some benefit to varmint hunters who are eliminating large numbers of pests at long range.

A black synthetic stock is standard with a matte blued finish on the metal parts.  A soft-rubber butt pad caps the end of the stock.

The B.MAG has a 22″ barrel.  Specific information on the barrel and other information like overall weight of the gun have not yet been announced.  The gun is not yet listed on the Savage website either.

The new Savage B.MAG is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2013.

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